Christine Bauer


Member since 2009

Born in 1951 in Wels, Austria. She lives and works in Gunskirchen/Wels.
Her works have been numerously exhibited at home and abroad.
Her works are in public and private collections.

The starting point of her art works are elementary forms and objects. Her artistic work is a search for simplicity and authenticity by joining together painting and object.
She searches for and collects multicoloured earths from different origins and processes them like impressions that write themselves into the memory.


Christine Bauer Erdort
"Erdort", 5 pieces, 10x100 cm each.

Christine Bauer Positivwörter
"Positivwörter", 80x80 cm.

Christine Bauer Erdort
"Erdort", 53x130 cm.

Christine Bauer Positivwörter
"Positivwörter", earth on canvas

Christine Bauer Erdort beschützt
"Erdort beschützt", 20x20x20 cm.

Christine Bauer Strichcode
"Strichcode", 190x170 cm.

Christine Bauer Work2
35x50 cm.

Christine Bauer Erdort
"Erdort", 70x90 cm.

Christine Bauer Provence
"Provence", earth on canvas

Christine Bauer Strichcode
"Der Vorhang ist gefallen", earth on paper