Stefan Esterbauer


Member since 2007

Born in 1978 in Burghausen, Germany. He works and lives in Linz and Hochburg/Ach.
He studied at the Kunstuniversität Linz and the Academy of Art in Athens. Since 2008 he has been a teacher at the technical school for sculpture in Hallstatt.
Since 2003 numerous exhibitions and participations at international symposiums.
In his artistic works there is a basic recognizable form, which by cutting up, stacking up, spreading, twisting, pushing into each other and breaking trough... develops a complex variation of forms. By using these techniques on the material, new content is created.


Stefan Esterbauer Durchbrochener Würfel
"Durchbrochener Würfel", marble, 60x60x70 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Paarungen
"Paarungen", oak wood, height up to 450 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer 4 Elemente
"4 Elemente", spruce wood, 50x50x200 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Paar
"Paar", sandstone, 50x50x250 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Tangierende Kreissegmente
"Tangierende Kreissegmente", marble, 30x30x50 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Welle
"Welle", nutwood, 50x50x160 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Tangierende Säule
"Säule", red gum wood, 55x55x300 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Spreizung
"Spreizung", spruce wood, 150x150x600 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Öffnung
"Öffnung", bronze, 20x20x20 cm.

Stefan Esterbauer Überschneidende Würfel
"Überschneidende Würfel", marble, 45x30x30 cm.