Jiri Hastik


Foundation member

Born in 1945 in Uherskè Hardiste in the Czech Republic. He lives and works in Vienna and Olomouc. He studied Architecture in Bratislava.
From 1968 – 1974 he was holder of the professorship for theories and education of visual Arts at the philosophical faculty of Olomouc.
Since 1973 numerous exhibitions and participations at international symposiums.

Hastik’s paintings are nearly monochromatic and very detailed. They are paintings of a philosopher and intellectual person. The artist’s message is not superficial but very profound. The meditated and thought out paintings in grey, blue, yellow, red or black colours, decently formed, radiate an endless tranquillity which touches the soul in a very special way.


Jiri Hastik Stopy casu
"Stopy casu"

Jiri Hastik Zivot

Jiri Hastik 3

Jiri Hastik Vino Rosso
"Vino rosso"

Jiri Hastik Modry tyden
"Modry tyden"